Apr 25, 2011

JALT: Back to School 2011 in Osaka

One of tough but great experiences to present my paper at JALT conference was completed.
One of great teachers at Osaka Gakuin University who listened to my presentation critiqued my MA thesis. No one gave me suggestions after my presentation so far. 

According to him, if I continued to used the similar research methodology I may have the similar outcomes, which is nothing new. Therefore my PhD thesis can be not so interesting. Audiences in JALT expect presenters provide new information and Aha! moment.
My presentation was predictable the conclusion.  I thought I could use the MA thesis based on and write the PhD thesis, however it seems not. Again I need to rethink and rewrite my PhD proposal.  Anyway, this is one of experiences as a bump in my life.
To he honest, I was extremely nervous to give a presentation in English. Last time in JALT international conference in Aichi, I presented my paper in Japanese because I thought it was impossible to present it in the second language. I challenged myself and I failed this time.

After I listen to his suggestions and critique, I felt too much and I was getting worried about my PhD's topic and research methodology. I felt hopeless to continue it by using similar research methodology. Now I need to start from zero.

Anyway, I am looking for this book: kindergartens' classroom observations in Hawaii, Taiwan, and one more place... this resarcher video recorded the classrooms for 24 hours on the exact same day in order to find intercultural communication among teachers and kiddies.   I have been looking for this book but I could not find it. If you know this book title please let me know.

In the conference, I met two interesting teachers who introduced flashcards in order to increase voca. Their idea on words cards is amazing. I will introduce the learning system in my class too. I really appreciate to share their teaching experiences with me. I need to improve my teaching abilities.

I will not give up on my research/PhD. I have had a strong feeling towards my research and the PhD and I need to be tough more.

I am telling myself that "don't forget this くやしい feeling" and motivate myself to complete the PhD. Now I wake up and down to the earth.

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